More Tributes Pour in for Mike Connolly

More Tributes Pour in for Mike Connolly

We have been offering a forum for tributes for Mike Connolly, founder of MJC Ironworks, who passed away recently. Here are two more comments. We thank Gordy Wilcher for compiling these.

Jon Rooff, who worked with Connolly at Dean Markley for many years: “One morning at NAMM, I was in the sound booth and saw Will Lee and Chuck Rainey talking. Will was asking about the bass lick at the beginning of Peg and Chuck couldn’t remember it. They handed the bass back and forth getting nowhere. Mike Connelly was walking by, grabbed the bass, and perfectly played the lick. We all had a great laugh. Two of the world’s finest bass players and Mike thought nothing of it, went on with his business. We were the second band at Sunnyvale Street Fair and I pulled up behind the stage to unload. Mike’s band was playing but he waved me over after the song. He took off his bass, handed it to me and said “Man, I got to go. Now!” and ran off to the bathroom. Guitar player counted off the next song just as he turned and saw me. The look on his face! Mike was gone for three songs. Came back, took the bass and finished the show. He still owes me for that… Then the was the first Nashville NAMM, when we shared a room! Those stories remain untold Mike.”

From Gordy Wilcher: “Mike was a true Industry icon. We first met when he was my Dean Markley sales guy. We also worked closely with the American Flyer short lived brand. We really became close during my run as President of imso. I remember him telling me the group (imso) was instrumental in growth of sales for him. Several years ago, Mike asked me to work with him on his new product MJCIRONWORKS Strings. Mikes knowledge and experience manufacturing strings was unmatched and MJCIRONWORKS was on a fast rise expanding to Japan (Roland) and a European deal in works. Mike was big in stature, loud and full of fun. His heart was also big. Miss you Mike.”

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