VocoPro Introduces JellyBeam

VocoPro Introduces JellyBeam

VocoPro plans to add plenty of light to anyone’s day with its latest product. Consumers as well as DJs, bands and solo performers looking for a cool, easy to use lighting effect will love VocoPro’s new JellyBeam unit  .

VocoPro’s JellyBeam provides moving light to add an extra dimension to any party or performance.  The ball design provides for 360-degree light placement from any angle for a truly awesome and soothing experience. Using the latest LED technology, VocoPro’s JellyBeam shines ultra-bright in dark or dimly lit rooms.

Features include:

  • Projects vivid multicolored jellyfish-like images in dark or dimly lit rooms
  • Use Auto Mode or select 10 preset color combinations with the included remote control
  • Control the speed and brightness of the jellyfish floating effect
  • Synchronize multiple JellyBeam lights with the single radio frequency remote control

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