More Tributes for Mike Connolly

More Tributes for Mike Connolly

Mike Connolly, founder of MJC Ironworks and longtime Dean Markley employee, influenced a huge contingent of people in MI and beyond. Here are three more comments, thanks to Gordy Wilcher.

“Anyone who knew Mike Connolly can attest to what a character he was. I always thought he’d be a great character actor, possessing such a comically cynical and outgoing personality, always quick with a funny comment and interesting story. The funniest moment occurred after not seeing him for several years, then finding him at a NAMM Show booth where he was working. I walked up and said, ‘Hi Mike!” Instead of a normal, reciprocal greeting, he brought his head in closer to mine, said nothing and just stared at my hairline right about my forehead, studying. He pondered it for a while, shook his head approvingly and said, ‘not bad.’ It made me laugh so hard. That was classic Mike Connolly. From that point on he often referred to me as ‘hairball.’ He was a man with a big heart; so loving, generous and always entertaining to be around. I only wish I had more time with such a unique soul, and really going to miss him.”

—Lyle Workman

Love from 30,000 feet. So long pal. Your bass playing and genius string development at Dean Markley and your own MJC Ironworks made even a “sub” lime me sound great. Regards to Rocco, Jaco and Jamerson. Love you madly and forever Mike Connolly —Steve Lowery

R.I.P. my friend. Mike, you will be missed in more ways than you know. We had such great conversations as a result of my being a string endorser for MJC. Love you brother. —Woody Lingle and Gary Puckett and the Union Pag

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