Pacific Drums Adds New ‘Concept’

Pacific Drums Adds New ‘Concept’

Pacific Drums and Percussion (PDP) added to its Concept Select range of metal snares with an additional size, 5×14”, available in 3mm seamless Aluminum and Bell Bronze. Offering unsurpassed value, these boutique inspired marquee drums are shallower versions of the 6.5×14” Concept Select metal snares launched in 2020.
The curated metal shell of each snare is emblazoned with a unique laser engraved Art Deco insignia. All the snares feature chrome hardware: Dual-turret  lugs, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, True-Pitch® Tension Rods, DW Mag™ Throw-off,  20-strand snare wires, DW Drum Heads™ by Remo® with the Aluminum Concept Select™ snare fitted with satin walnut wood hoops and low-profile claw hooks for enhanced paying comfort.
The Aluminum Concept Select snare provides a warm, earthy timbre and the Bronze Concept Select delivers a punchy, powerful, hard rock attack with a thick, heavy weight sound, stated PDP.
PDP Brand Manager, Rob Dean commented “The 6.5” versions of these snares have been a big hit so we wanted to give people a second depth option.  Once you play these snares you might find yourself wanting both sizes in your snare drum arsenal,” said Rob Dean, PDP brand manager.

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