VocoPro Unveils Club Thunder Systems

VocoPro Unveils Club Thunder Systems

VocoPro is again “bringing the thunder” for DJs and karaoke singers. Both can now seriously up their game with VocoPro’s new 2,000- and 4,000-watt Club Thunder Systems.

The new Club Thunder systems give any karaoke host extremely powerful sound with great sounding vocals and vivid light shows. Each of the included four 1,000 watt, 15-inch speakers has a DJ Derby Light that projects vivid moving beams to the beat of the music with hundreds of color combinations.

Singers will sound amazing with VocoPro‘s legendary Echo/DSP reverb on the KJ 7808 Pro, a karaoke and DJ ready mixing board. And no speaker cables are needed with the TRANSIT 5.8 G Wireless Audio Transceiver. The system also offers true, fully wireless operation because the Thunder speakers can run without an AC power cable for up to five hours on a full charge. No need to plug in the system for hours!

Features of Club Thunder Systems:

  • System includes four 15-inch, 1,000W powered vocal speakers with derby light built-in (Note: two speakers included for the Club Thunder-2000 system)
  • 1000-watt peak power (120 RMS) producing balanced highs, mids and lows for indoor or outdoor use
  • Legendary VocoPro echo and DSP Reverb on the KJ 7808 PRO DJ/KJ mixer
  • Turn-key system includes two wired MARK-58PRO gold vocal microphone
  • Includes five TRANSIT 5.8 G wireless audio transmitter/receiver with 150 feet of range line of sight. (Note: three TRANSIT transmitter/receivers for the Club-Thunder-2000 system).

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