Eckroth Music Now Employee Owned

Eckroth Music Now Employee Owned

Eckroth Music, operator of nine stores in North Dakota, Montana, Minnesota and Wisconsin, announced it is now employee owned.

“Thank you all for sharing in the excitement,” wrote Jeffrey Eckroth. “This is a game changer for our employees and company ~ ‘The Eckroth Music Family’. There is no doubt that this will positively affect our teams and each of their futures.

With your support, we look forward to elevating our impact on music education as we deliver on our passion for providing the best experience for beginning band and orchestra students. This is our ‘Super Power’.

For many years to come, Michelle Weber-Eckroth and I look forward to supporting and working alongside each of our employees as we serve music education.”
Eckroth added that employees have always acted like owners with customers and each other.

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