Gator Launches Product for Streamers

Gator Launches Product for Streamers

Anyone producing from home will want to check out Gator’s latest product release, which is perfectly suited for streamers. Meet the content creator’s lifesaver, the ID Series Creator Tree from Gator’s ever-popular studio and accessories line, Gator Frameworks. 
 “The Creator Tree was born out of our necessity to find an optimal solution for streamers and content creators to perform at their best and operate multiple creative tools in limited desk space,” said Gator Product Management Director Rob McCoy. “As our team learned to work remotely and understood the needs to work most effectively and successfully in the streaming space, we created a great solution to save space and be more efficient with the Creator Tree’s functionality.”

If you’re a producer or creator, then we’ll bet you’ve lost a great idea or two before you could find your camera, mic or light source and hit “record” to capture that revelation. The Frameworks Creator Tree can help solve that dilemma. 
 “Out of the box, the Etsy mom or the next big podcaster can immediately see the benefits of this product. With a full line of accessories coming in January, the possibilities are endless as to what you can dream up,” McCoy said.
The tree stand clamps directly to your desk edge for added convenience. Speed and convenience are key to getting your content created and posted in a competitive content market, and we want to ensure our creators had the right tool to succeed in creating their content.
The ring light/phone clamp, top-mounted microphone boom arm, and heavy-duty camera adapter enable you to create, edit, and produce content quickly and easily for your next video tutorial or live stream. 

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