MatchMySound Teams With Fender

MatchMySound Teams With Fender

MatchMySound, a music practice and feedback technology powering music education platforms, announced its partnership with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation to create “Feedback Mode” in Fender Play, offering users of the app instant feedback on their accuracy through listening technology.

The new Feedback Mode feature uses MatchMySound’s proprietary algorithm which listens to users guitar playing then graphically compares it to the tab and offers tips on how to improve upon their pitch, rhythm, and tempo, enabling users to reach their goals while moving along the Fender Play® learning path.

“Feedback Mode offers a deeper level of engagement for guitar players who want to accelerate their learning,” said Ethan Kaplan, general manager, Fender Digital. “We’re able to offer a truly comprehensive lesson solution with this revolutionary practice tool by showing areas to focus on for improvement, along with a scoring element that keeps learning fun.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to join Fender in their mission to bring the joy of creating and celebrating music to the world,” said MatchMySound Founder and CEO David Smolover.

Fender Play’s Feedback Mode is accessible to users via a tab on select lessons in learning paths.

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