VocoPro Takes ‘Command’

VocoPro Takes ‘Command’

For performers and bands looking to go wireless for an affordable price, audio/visual leader VocoPro today announced three new digital wireless instrument systems. 

Having lots of cables laying on the stage creates a trip hazard, especially when tethering a player’s instrument. VocoPro’s new Commander-Instrument systems can set a performer free from the clutter of cables.

VocoPro’s Commander-Instrument wireless systems run on the 900 MHz band, which is superior in both range and ability to penetrate through walls when compared to 2.4 GHz systems. 900 MHz systems are also less likely to interfere with a home or venue’s Wi-Fi environment.

Up to four frequency groups can be used together, which means up to four Commander-Instrument systems can be used at the same time. One tap from the transmitter to switch and sync from 20 unique frequencies to dodge possible interference on the fly.

Supports most instruments with ¼ inch line output, with many entry angles to choose from. And the non-moving instrument jack offers a more secure connection to any instrument and more freedom to move around. 


  • Lightweight and compact transmitter with no moving connector jack
  • Transmitter and receiver both run for approximately 6 hours on an internal battery—or the player can use a USB power bank to expand the play time as needed. 
  • Digital 900 MHz offers lower latency, better range, better penetration through walls and less interference with a home or venue’s Wi-Fi environment compared to 2.4 GHz systems.
  • Easily expand to the full range of the Commander Wireless Receivers for in-ear monitoring, digital (USB), and analog (1/8” line out) for recording and streaming.
  • Three instrument entry angles to choose from – 180°, 90° and 30°

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