Fender Releases Frontman 20G

Fender Releases Frontman 20G

Fender added the Frontman 20G amplifier to its Frontman line of amps for guitarists. 

The new Frontman 20G was specially crafted to incorporate the Fender look and sound into a small, lightweight and inexpensive package. The Frontman 20G features a simple intuitive design that anyone, from beginners to pros, will immediately understand.

This new amplifier bridges familiar Fender cosmetics and “best in class” sound quality at a great price that fits every player’s budget, making it accessible to the widest variety of players. With an ⅛” auxiliary and a headphone jack, players can choose to play along to their favorite tunes or have a silent practice. Beginners and pros alike will appreciate the Frontman® 20G’s great tones when practicing or playing with friends. 

Here’s what’s different about this product:

  • Puts out 20 watts into an 8” Fender® Special Design Speaker
  • Clean channel with a volume and three EQ knobs for sonic flexibility
  • Separate switchable Drive channel with its own volume
  • Offered in all worldwide voltages: 120V, 120V DS, 110v TW, 240V AUS, 230V UK, 220V ARG, 230V EU, 100V JP, 220V CN, 220V ROK, 240V MA, 120V MX

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