VocoPro Gets ‘Rocking’

VocoPro Gets ‘Rocking’

For karaoke singers and DJs, audio/visual leader VocoPro launched the WiFi-Rocker, no karaoke discs are needed. Users simply connect the system to WiFi and use YouTube® to access thousands of songs from the built-in 14-inch touchscreen display. The WiFI-Rocker promises hours of fun as users perform everything from the classics to the latest hits.

The system’s sound-activated LED woofer adds even more excitement to the entertainment experience with Vocopro’s legendary digital echo effect. Users can also connect the WiFi-Rocker to any home’s big-screen TV or projector via the HDMI output for the ultimate karaoke bar feeling.


  • 14-inch touchscreen controls and displays karaoke songs via YouTube from any Wi-Fi network
  • A powerful 120W speaker with a sound-activated LED woofer offers vivid light shows and clear vocals
  • Voice song search – Use the microphone to speak the name of the next song to be played without typing.
  • Wide variety of entertainment options with the built-in Bluetooth receiver, USB/SD ports, FM tuner and even a guitar input.


WiFi-Rocker unit

Two Professional Wired Vocal Microphones

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