Armadillo Enterprises Makes Big Announcement

Armadillo Enterprises, parent of Dean, ddrum and Luna announced Evan Rubinson has been removed as CEO. The full letter the company issued is below:

“Dear Armadillo Family,
We first want to thank you all for the work, effort, and support during these challenging times. Many of us are facing business challenges the likes of which we have not experienced in our lifetime. We remain confident in our company, and the products we work so tirelessly to bring to market for our wonderful brands and customers. Our goal is to inspire musicians everywhere
to continue making the gift of music.
We want to share with you that Mr. Evan Rubinson was removed from his role as CEO/President of Armadillo Enterprises.
Our team is committed to continuing the legacy of Dean, ddrum and Luna created by Elliott Rubinson, our founder, and my husband.
For Elliott, and for us all, this is our life’s work and our passion.
Pam Rubinson – Owner
Armadillo Enterprises
The Executive Team at Armadillo
Patrick Schuleit EVP of Global Sales
Vinnie Del Buono VP of Key Accounts
Eric Stewart VP of Product / Dean & Luna”

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